About the Authors

About the Authors

August 8, 2019

Tristan Sloughter

Tristan is a long time Erlang programmer, having picked it up for fun while in college and then professionally for various companies, Orbitz Worldwide, eCDMarket, Heroku, SpaceTime Insight, Postmates, Splunk and currently as a lead software engineer at MyDecisive.AI.

While at Heroku, Tristan, along with Fred, started the build tool Rebar3 after seeing the struggles involved in onboarding new developers to Erlang projects. He is also a maintainer of the release tool Relx.

Tristan also created the website How I Start which collects articles for various languages from experienced developers on how they setup a new project and take it to completion, while also giving a peek at the tools and packages these top developers prefer.

Fred Hebert

Fred is the author of Learn You Some Erlang, Erlang in Anger, and more recently, Property-Based Testing with PropEr, Erlang, and Elixir. He is a maintainer of Rebar3, and of libraries such as recon, pobox, vmstats, and backoff.

He is a Staff SRE at Honeycomb, helping with systems reliability, incident response, and tooling. He previously held various senior and staff roles on engineering teams as a software developer most often working with Erlang at companies such as Postmates, Genetec, and Heroku.

Evan Vigil-McClanahan

Evan has been writing Erlang professionally since 2012 and in various other languages since 2001. He’s worked with Erlang at Basho Technologies, Heroku, SpaceTime Insight, and most recently Helium, where his broad focus has been on distributed systems along with high- and low-level performance.